Preparing Cannabis Tinctures

In the late nineteenth century, cannabis tinctures were widely prescribed for analgesic, sedative, and narcotic purposes: “It was used as the primary pain reliever until the invention of aspirin”[i]. Sativex is a sublingual cannabis tincture spray produced in England by Bayer Pharmaceuticals. It’s now available by prescription in Canada for MS, neuropathic pain, and as […]

Hand Rubbed Hash

(Man gathering resin from cannabis plants in Nepal) Although not as productive as dry sifting or making water hash, hand rubbing is the most basic method of separating the medicinal trichome heads from the body of the plant. This important step is at the center of the constitutional challenge that I took to the Supreme Court […]

Making Water Hash

(image: MedicalJane) Water hash is another simple way to extract the trichome heads from the bulk of the cannabis plant. This important step in obtaining the desired medicinal compounds without ingesting the bulk of the plant is at the center of the constitutional challenge that I took to Ottawa in the spring of 2015. Using simple […]

Gayle Quin: Cannabis Medicine Woman

I owe my introduction to preparing cannabis medicines to one woman, Gayle Quin.  Years before I began my work as a cannabis baker at the local dispensary, I met Gayle at a series of Hempology101 student club meetings at my college. Gayle is the life partner of Ted Smith, founder of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers […]

Juicing Raw Cannabis

the tolerated dose of THC limits ingestion of other Cannabinoids to about 10 mg. In the raw juice, one can comfortably approach 1000 mg.

Preparing Cannabis Salve

(Watch the Video Tutorial) Making a basic salve is just one step beyond preparing a topical massage oil. By stirring melted beeswax into an infused vegetable oil you can produce a semi-solid medicinal salve to rub into your skin. Combining the active ingredients in the infused oil with bees wax allows the preparation to remain […]

Preparing Cannabis Suppositories

A little known method of application, but one with a number of benefits, is the suppository. I recently interviewed V-CBC dispensary staff member Nicholas Fraleigh on Time4Hemp radio to talk about the introduction of the cannabis suppository to their medicinal product line. I have written previously about Pulmonary, Oral and Topical routes of administration: considering […]