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I am a writer/editor and graphic designer who has worked for the past 5 years for hemp and medical cannabis education groups. I have written scientific and journalistic articles and made graphs and timelines to accompany them; i have created advertisements for print and the web; designed logos; made promotional media for events and products; and worked directly with individuals on unique projects.

I have most recently become a co-host on the internet radio channel Time4Hemp <www.Time4hemp.com> and have spoken at educational events.

I helped lead a constitutional challenge to allow medical cannabis extracts that is highlighted in the articles within. This challenge is ongoing but was successful at making extracts legal in British Columbia in 2012. please share and help educate about the proper uses of this plant.

These article previously appear in the Cannabis Digest


Contact me for questions and services at rainbowensmyth@gmail.com


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  1. Hi Owen. Glad I found you. Your writing is very interesting and I soooo wish I lived somewhere I could put CBD oil on my dry skin. I live in Nebraska, USA, and they say it’s legal here but you can’t find any of it and no one knows anything about it. I’ll believe CBD oil in Nebraska when Hell freezes over, actually. Lol.


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