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Preparing Cannabis Suppositories

A little known method of application, but one with a number of benefits, is the suppository. I recently interviewed V-CBC dispensary staff member Nicholas Fraleigh on Time4Hemp radio to talk about the introduction of the cannabis suppository to their medicinal product line. I have written previously about Pulmonary, Oral and Topical routes of administration: considering […]

Making Low-Dose Cannabis Oil Capsules

During my constitutional challenge for cannabis extracts in 2012, the federal government made the argument that the only difference between chewing the dried inflorescence (buds) and making an edible is that cookies are tasty. Tastiness doesn’t serve a medical purpose and certainly isn’t protected as a constitutional right. The Judge rightly saw through this argument […]

Cannabis Extracts throughout History: Part 4

Cannabis in the 21st Century During the past three blogs I have swept over the history of cannabis extracts to show that simple extraction techniques were common knowledge among medicine makers in ancient times. From Taoist sages to the Queens personal physician; from Egyptian Papyri to the labs of modern scientists at L’Oreal: the lineage […]

Topical Cannabis Oil

One therapeutic principle is to apply a medication as close to the source of the problem as possible. One example is if somebody has a skin lesion, an anti-biotic skin cream is preferable to an oral dose. Oral doses are more appropriate for gastro-intestinal conditions as they coat the G.I. tract. Inhaled cannabis is preferred […]

Cannabis Extracts throughout History: Part 3

Cannabis in the Modern Era In the second part of this series on Cannabis Extracts in History I looked at references from 1CE to the 17th century when cannabis began to emerge in the west as a prominent medicine. The modern era is dominated by prohibition. Check out this ‘History of marijuana law in the […]

Cannabis ‘Goji’ Lozenges

One of the medical cannabis products I was making when arrested in 2009 was the V-CBC’s ‘Ganja Goji’ Lozenges. The result of my arrest was the launch of a (so far successful) constitutional challenge that has removed the prohibition on extracted cannabis products for thousands of ill Canadians. The benefits of sucking on a cannabis […]

Cannabis Extracts Throughout History – Part 2

Cannabis in the Common Era In the first part of this series on Cannabis Extracts in History I looked at references from Before the Common Era or 1CE. In China, where we find the earliest advancements in cannabis/hemp production (5000 BCE), physicians beginning with Hoa-Tho (200 CE) prescribed cannabis mixed with wine as an analgesic […]