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Making Simple and Healthy Cannabis Edibles

By Owen Smith When buying ingredients for the V-CBC, who i worked for as a cannabis medicine maker, I was asked to always choose whole, raw, organic, locally produced products wherever possible. The nutritional benefit of fresh ingredients adds to the medicinal effects of the product. A tasty brownie or chocolate chip cannabis cookie will […]

Cannabis Extracts throughout History: Part 1

In order to advance our understanding of the potential of cannabis as a medicine, it is helpful to look back through history at the many times and places that this plant has emerged into the local materia medica. Cannabis may be set for an archaic revival as modern science is now exploring the neuroprotective qualities […]

Beth Hutchinson’s Story

(image credit: Beth Hutchinson (04 March 1993 – 25 October 2013) In last week’s Blog I told my sister’s story of how cannabis eased the suffering she experienced from her Melanoma cancer treatments, offering a necessary quality to the end of her life. My family are among many whose lives have been directly impacted by […]

Cannabis and Melanoma Skin Cancer

(Ceri Smith supporter at the Times Colonist 10K fundraising walk) A Sister’s fight with Melanoma Skin Cancer By Owen Smith In previous articles I’ve focused on the science behind making edible cannabis products, but now i’m going to tell about why I’ve become involved with this cause. Around 2003 I began to learn about the […]

Making Concentrated Cannabis Oils

Making Concentrated Cannabis Oils

By Owen Smith Last week i reported on the victory for cannabis extracts in the BC Court of Appeal. Although the wording of the courts remedy has left us asking a few questions, the ruling suggests that “patients have the right to render dried Marijuana into the forms and modes of ingestion they find most […]