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The BC Extract decision and how it effects patients

cookie cop

By Owen Smith

Thursday August 14th BC’s highest court confirmed the rights of patients Authorized to Possess Marihuana under Health Canada’s regulations to make with it whatever they see fit. The decision is binding on trial level courts across Canada, persuasive on provincial appellate courts. If there is an appeal launched by either side, the issue could reach the highest court in the country, the Supreme Court of Canada.


(Owen Smith interviewed outside the Victoria Courthouse)

This decision will make it easier for some users to afford their medicine. Smoking wastes up to 3/4 of the available cannabinoids, infusions allow you to maximize the available cannabinoids. and. . Inhalation induces short lasting effects while orally ingested cannabis infused into an appropriate medium releases more slowly over a longer period of time. With guidance and careful titration patients will be able to better manage their particular conditions. It would be to the benefit of Licensed Producers to assist in educating their patients on how to safely make simple derivative products while the federal government considers new regulations.


(*Bhang is a cannabis infused milk drink common in India)

MMPR patients won’t be able to purchase derivatives from their LP until the regulations are changed so don’t expect a golden ticket to the Tweed chocolate factory in your medicine bag just yet. Licensed Producers have the capacity to develop standardized derivative products on a scale like never before seen. Many have made their interest in developing medical cannabis derivative products public in media interviews. Medicinal grade cannabis product like Idrasil, mentioned in a previous blog, would benefit the vast majority of Canadians while lending support to edible cannabis that is often stereotyped by unhealthy treats such as brownies.

It is counterintuitive that while it is now legal to make an extract in your own kitchen, it is still illegal to pay a company with sophisticated, analytical equipment to do it for you. My lawyer Kirk Tousaw related that “If my grandma wants to use medical cannabis to deal with arthritis pain, I think she should be entitled to go and purchase it from someone who can say, ‘Look, eat half a cookie and you’re ingesting 14 mg of THC, … Then she can know for herself what the appropriate dosage is.” (source)


In Colorado, the permission to produce extracts has spawned a specialized industry and derivatives make up almost half of the sales of California dispensaries (source). Solvents extractions have sprung into popularity causing some concern that these advanced procedures are done safely. The risk of explosion as well as contamination of the extract are present when using solvent products such as Rick Simpson Oil. I will talk more about solvent extraction in a future blog but for now, patients are asked to engage their doctors about the alternative uses that this landmark court decision has made available to them.

Written for LiftMJ


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