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A mother’s quest for an anti-epileptic medicine

(image accompanies this VIDEO and fundraising campaign) Earlier this year I had the pleasure of interviewing Cheryl T Rose on my bi-weekly segment on Time4Hemp radio. Cheryl is the mother of Hayley Rose, one of the oldest and highest functioning survivors of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS), a rare and severe form of epilepsy that causes multiple […]

Extracts on Trial: Health Canada Vs. Science

For four weeks in February of 2012 I watched the demystification of Health Canada’s arguments against cannabis extracts in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. The main showdown in this constitutional battle was between two scientific wizards, where the struggle for truth finally loosened this healing plant from governments’ steely grip. Two years earlier I […]

The BC Extract decision and how it effects patients

By Owen Smith Thursday August 14th BC’s highest court confirmed the rights of patients Authorized to Possess Marihuana under Health Canada’s regulations to make with it whatever they see fit. The decision is binding on trial level courts across Canada, persuasive on provincial appellate courts. If there is an appeal launched by either side, the […]

What’s so good about THC free Cannabis?

by Owen Smith   Dr. William Courtney is the co-founder of Cannabis International Foundation, who are helping pioneer a movement toward ingesting fresh, raw, non-psychoactive cannabis juice. When fresh, the plant contains a lot of non- psychoactive precursor Cannabinoids such as THC acid. THC acid (THCa) has recently been shown to have anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective […]

Science in the Kitchen: Using Olive Oil

By Owen Smith In the previous LiftMJ blog I talked about decarboxylation, which transforms cannabinoid acids into their active states. Once this is performed you may immerse the dried marihuana into a medium of some sort to facilitate ingestion. Now the question arises, what medium should you use? At this stage you can decide to […]

Cannabis Baker basics: Decarboxylation

By Owen Smith I began my foray into the role of a medical cannabis caregiver at the bakery of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club in 2008. Previous baking experience and a keen interest in learning about the cannabis plant as medicine made me an ideal candidate. Although I took a pay cut, i learned a […]

How Black Pepper relieves Cannabis Anxiety

Written for the Cannabis Digest Blogs By Owen Smith While working at the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club I was able to teach some of the members about Black Pepper. While benefiting from the medicinal effects of THC, these patients suffered from bouts with anxiety while medicating. Most patients who have tried this simply took a […]