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Tilray Launches Medical Cannabis Resource Centre


By Owen Smith

Tilray is a licensed medical cannabis producer based in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. A subsidiary of Privateer Holdings from Washington State, they have been meeting with the community and recruiting experts in the medical cannabis field. The company has invested 10 million dollars in the project and has a website set up to select and order your medicine by mail. It’s also updated with relevant research, and offers a quick tutorial on cannabis types, effects and medical uses.They currently have 50,000 square feet of production space and expect to produce 15,000 pounds of medicinal grade marihuana to provide for 4000-8000 Canadians. (VIDEO)

Philippe Lucas, former dispensary owner and Victoria city councillor now works as vice-president of patient research and services at Tilray. Philippe has focused his studies at the University of Victoria center for addictions research around the cannabis substitution effect. He believes that an increase in the use of cannabis will be accompanied by a decrease in the use of illicit substances and a reduction in the harms associated with them. He has helped to develop an online resource for physicians interested in learning about the medical uses of cannabis. (VIDEO)

The Medical Cannabis Resource Center on MDPassport reviews some of the available evidence for use of whole dried cannabis. The module ‘Therapeutic Uses of Whole Cannabis – Reviewing the Evidence’ starts off by covering the basics of the endocannabinoid system; the activity of cannabinoids and lists their potential therapeutic uses. The endocannabinoid system has widespread regulatory functions in the body, which accounts for the array of potential therapeutic uses for cannabinoids. There are more than 70 different cannabinoids as well as terpenoids present in dried cannabis that are known to have therapeutic effects. These compounds work together in an entourage, interacting to produce the known effects of whole plant cannabis. Only some of the cannabinoids are psycho-active (THC, CBN) but many are not (CBD, CBG, CBC) and researchers and breeders are targeting specific compounds to minimize the potential for an undesired experience when medicating.

The module goes on to review the published clinical trials on smoked or vaporized cannabis. Although there are relatively few clinical trials, they have found cannabis beneficial for HIV/AIDS-associated weight-loss; disease-associated mood and insomnia; Multiple sclerosis-associated pain and spasticity; Central and peripheral chronic neuropathic pain and more. A review of U.S. state clinical trials on patients who smoked cannabis showed a 70-100% relief from chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.

They are preparing two accredited eCME programs “Prescribing Medical Marihuana Under MMPR” and “Medical Marihuana Clinical Review and Pain Management” as well as compiling a “Library of medical marihuana therapies and corresponding clinical evidence”. It is the great responsibility of medical cannabis providers to feed the need for education as we come to the end of the cannabis dark ages. Licensed Producers have the means to further the general education of the public and assist in the movement toward rational cannabis laws. Any effort to provide patients with the opportunity to use this potentially life changing medicine is more than welcome, it’s sorely needed.

Written for LiftMJ


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