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Standardizing Medicinal Cannabis Extracts

By Owen Smith In a previous Lift blog I mentioned a number of medical cannabis products that are being developed around the world. All of these products require at least the basic extraction of the medicinal ingredients from the bulk of the cannabis plant. Although it is difficult pioneering work, medical cannabis groups have been […]

Can marijuana edibles be regulated?

By Owen Smith Written for LiftMJ Patients, caregivers, advocates and now licensed producers are pressuring for the regulation of cannabis extract products. Canada‚Äôs prohibition on cannabis based medicinal extracts was struck down in British Columbia in 2012 and is under increasing pressure nationally as seriously ill Canadians are in need of the cleanest most effective […]

Should I use synthetic THC pills or whole plant Cannabis?

The importance of having CBD with your THC By Owen Smith The recent discovery of cannabinoid receptors in the human body presents exciting new targets for medical research, yet only confirms what patients have been saying for decades, whole plant cannabis works for them. Seriously ill people who have run the gamut of conventional medicine […]

Doctors against the Drug war

Written for the Cannabis Digest By Owen Smith Cannabis Digest Blogger Dr. David Allen is a retired heart surgeon who moved to California after there medical cannabis referendum passed and started a medical office that recommended cannabis to patients. He left his fifty-acre property in Mississippi in the care of his sister and her husband. […]

Cannabis in Costa Rica – Part 5

written for the Cannabis Digest A future for Cannabis in Costa Rica As we move into July, the Costa Rica Medicinal Cannabis Movement signature gathering campaign has surpassed 100K and are now seeking more in case of invalid or duplicate signatures. Costa Rica has only had one successful referendum in the past. The citizens decided […]

Vaporizing – Using a Vaporizer – part 2

Vaporizing – Using a Vaporizer – part 2

Written for LiftMJ How to make the most of a medicinal Vaporizer In a previous LiftMJ blog I outlined some of the key reasons why medical cannabis patients may choose to use a vaporizer. In this article I will give an overview of the Volcano Medic vaporizer and offer an important tip that medical cannabis […]

Tilray Launches Medical Cannabis Resource Centre

By Owen Smith Tilray is a licensed medical cannabis producer based in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. A subsidiary of Privateer Holdings from Washington State, they have been meeting with the community and recruiting experts in the medical cannabis field. The company has invested 10 million dollars in the project and has a website set up […]