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Infographic for Dr. David Allen – U.S. Cannabis History

from the Cannabis Digest blogs


Graphic by Owen Smith

David Allen Infographic


by Dr. David Allen

I attended and delivered the opening lecture at the Patients Out Of Time conference in Portland May 9,2014. This was the eight national clinical conference on cannabis therapeutics and was hosted by the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland Oregon. In many ways this was a key note address about how cannabis as a medicine is suppressed. My lecture was about the Repression of Scientific Knowledge of Cannabis by the government. I wrote an article entitled; Ignorance Is Not Bliss. This was a simple study where all accredited medical schools in the United States were called and the directors of the curriculum were asked if they 1) had a department of Endocannabinoid Science with a director?; 2) if they taught the ECS as an organized course? The results show that no medical school considers this new science important enough to teach it to medical students as an organized course, and only 13% of schools even mention the ECS in any lectures. What this study proves is that there is some reason the majority of medical schools are ignoring a proven control system for physiology that controls cancer, diabetes, fatty metabolism , seizures, strokes, heart attacks and other medical ailments too numerous to count. (TNTC)

There has been an explosion of scientific information from studies outside the United States that prove the importance of this discovery in physiology. The ECS is being found to be a control mechanism of homeostasis and in effect the fountain of youth. (This involves a mechanism of submicroscopic ECS protein receptors on your cells to control your health.) So why would medical schools ignore this area of medical science? The answer to this lies in the history of the plant’s battle with the law.

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