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Cannabis in Costa Rica – Part 3

from the Cannabis Digest blogs What will the new law look like? In the previous blogs I gave my personal impression of prohibition in Costa Rica and I looked at the likelihood that the Costa Rica Medicinal Cannabis Movement would succeed in their attempts to trigger a referendum to legalize medical cannabis.  If they gather […]

Vaporizing – Part 1 –  Why Use a Vaporizer?

Vaporizing – Part 1 – Why Use a Vaporizer?

Why use a Vaporizer? When doctors talk about cannabis, many agree that although it’s a relatively harmless complex of chemicals, smoking it is an obvious problem. Medical cannabis patients know that the benefits of smoking are an instant relief of their symptoms, and the ability to regulate/titrate doses until their symptoms are relieved. Vaporizing offers […]

Cannabis in Costa Rica – Part 2

For the Cannabis Digest Blogs The Costa Rica Medicinal Cannabis Movement   Will they succeed? In the last blog I introduced cannabis prohibition in Costa Rica from the perspectives I gathered while visiting earlier this year. My interview with Gerald Murray of the Costa Rica Medicinal Cannabis Movement suffered some technical difficulties but I was […]

5 reasons doctors don’t sign medical marijuana prescriptions

Written for LiftMJ Dr. David Hepburn recently spoke at the 15th Cannabis convention at the University of Victoria. He expressed a desire to educate doctors about the use of medical cannabis as he thinks we are falling behind as a country. The registrar of the college of physicians recently wrote that “Canada could follow the […]

Educating Doctors

(Photo: Hempology101 Cannabis Convention with, from left to right, Dr. Neil McKinney, Dr. David Hepburn, Me, Cam Birge and Ted Smith) Written for LiftMJ Dr. David Hepburn MD wants to help educate Canadian doctors about the potential uses of medical cannabis. Dr. Hepburn was a keynote speaker at the 15th annual cannabis convention held by […]

Defining “dried marihuana”

  Figure 1. The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, Schedule 2, Cannabis originally written for LiftMJ   What is ‘dried marihuana’ exactly? In April of 2012, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Robert Johnston struck the term “dried marihuana” from the Medical Marihuana Access Regulations, refining the language to refer to all products listed as Cannabis in […]

Cannabinoids Matter: From Edibles to Vaporizers

from The Cannabis Digest The case for legalizing extracts By Owen Smith   In my last article I described visiting the BC Court of Appeal, and laid out some of the arguments for and against the legal extraction of medical cannabis in Canada. As we wait for a decision on my constitutional challenge, south of […]