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Extracts in the BC Court of Appeal

Kirk Tousaw Brilliantly Attacks MMAR from the Cannabis Digest By Owen Smith   But I thought we already won? In my last article, I tracked the arrival and spread of medicinal cannabis culture in the modern world, spotlighting the development of extract products made to help the general population as well as specific cases, such […]

Dilemmas of Mainstream Cannabis

Navigating Cannabis Science and Culture under Prohibition from the Cannabis Digest By Owen Smith   Surfing The High Seas In the last article I encouraged the medical cannabis community to engage the internet to stay astride with the rapidly emerging innovations in cannabis science worldwide. I urged patients and interested parties to look at the […]

Access to Extracts

from the Cannabis Digest Science, Reason and an opportunity for Compassion by Owen Smith   Designated Growers in BC can legally make Extracts On May 31st 2013 Judge Johnston extended his decision from my Voir Dire (trial within a trial) in 2012, granting Designated Growers (DG’s) in British Columbia the right to make cannabis derivative […]

Doc’s, Stocks and Two Legal States

Doc’s, Stocks and Two Legal States

from the Cannabis Digest: Doc’s Stocks and Two Legal States Doc’s, Stocks and Two Legal States Medical Cannabis Industry Changing Rapidly By Owen Smith   After the good news just before Christmas that the charges against me, relating to the V-CBC bakery incident in 2009, were dropped, and after successfully completing the trial in less […]

Educated Cannabinoid Crusaders: Could cannabis be an essential nutrient?

from the CannabisDigest By Owen Smith Could cannabis be an essential nutrient? In my previous article, I broke down the list of cannabis derivatives in Schedule 2 of the CDSA that were recently made available to patients authorized to possess “dried cannabis” for medical purposes in British Columbia. This effect was achieved by the BC […]

Cannabis Digest Blogs coming soon

The Cannabis Digest Evolves The Cannabis Digest is preparing to evolve. If you are interested in what is happening in the cannabis movement, then this new development is important to you. After over 3 years of focusing exclusively on a quarterly print newspaper, the Cannabis Digest will be introducing daily blogs on June 1. We […]

11. A Baker’s Journey Through Court

Baker’s Journey Through Court Smith acquitted, Crown will appeal extract ruling By Owen Smith   In the past two articles (Concentrating on Cannabinoids and Criminal Trials or Clinical Trials) , I explored in detail some of the pivotal points that came from the recent successful constitutional challenge that I helped bring before the Supreme Court […]