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10. Concentrating on Cannabinoids

(figure 1) CDSA Schedule 2 Exploring methods of cannabis resin extraction By Owen Smith What we legalized in 2012 In my last article I chronicled the constitutional challenge for cannabis extraction that I helped bring before the BC Supreme Court in April 2012. The result of the case was the immediate freedom of people authorized […]

9. Clinical Trials or Criminal Trials

By Owen Smith Dispensaries fill the void left by broken policy In the previous edition, I pursued the historical records of medical cannabis use around the world. For much of its documented medical history cannabis preparations and applications have taken advantage of simple processes that separate the active chemicals (cannabinoids and terpenes) from the plant […]

8. PhytoCannabinoid Therapeutics

A Historical Perspective By Owen Smith The History of Cannabis Extraction In the previous article, I took a close look at how whole plant cannabis acts synergistically with our body chemistry to benefit a wide range of conditions. Simple whole plant medical cannabis products, or phytocannabinoid therapeutics, are often more effective, less expensive, and harbour […]

7. Synchronicity in Whole Plant Medicine

By Owen Smith Figure 1. Pharmacological actions of non-psychotropic cannabinoids (with the indication of the proposed mechanisms of action).14 Synchronicity in Whole Plant Medicine In the last article I discussed how the flowers, stalk, and leaves of the cannabis plant can be used to create a range of edible medical products that offer stimulation for […]

6. Eating Cannabis as Medicine

Eating Cannabis as Medicine By Owen Smith In the last article I explored some of the many cannabis products emerging from the inventive and inspired medical cannabis community. The collective ingenuity of cannabis focused organizations continues to improve this vital health service for terminally ill patients. Clubs like the CBC of C in Victoria represent […]