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1. Decarboxylation


Greetings Cannabis Digesters!

My name is Owen, and I’ve been baking for the Cannabis Buyers’ Club of Canada for the past 18 months. Learning how to produce the 29 edible and skin products from our former bakers Gayle, Leslie, Ted, Kathleen, Colby, Ryan, Zoe, and Steve has been a valuable experience that I’ve enjoyed thoroughly. Knowing how to make effective, simple cannabis medicines for a wide variety of conditions, I now aim to help teach as many people as will learn.

In early December, while baking these medicines for the members of the CBC of C, I was arrested on the charge of possession, and possession for the purpose of trafficking. Serving the PTA at the courthouse, there were no charges served and it seems that none will be. I appreciate all the support that has been offered. I’m proud to serve the members of the CBC of C these safe, cheap, and effective alternatives to smoking.

I have designed video tutorials to show you how we decarboxylize and infuse cannabis into vegetable oils to make all our products, and then use the discarded leaf to make a patch or poultice. They are available online at http://www.v-cbc.ca where I’ve also helped compile a comprehensive collection of the methods and recipes that the V-CBC uses.

The most important, and first, step in baking cannabis is decarboxylation. Heating at approximately 300 degrees for 30 minutes has shown to transform close to 98 percent of the inactive cannabinoids. During this process the leaf material must be sealed to keep the essential oils from escaping.

With the help of high-pressure liquid chromatography, our friends at the Green Cross have chemically analyzed our Cookies, Cannoil, and Ryanol. We’ve been able to prove that this method activates the cannabinoid acids, increasing the overall quality of our medicines. In the next issue, I will write more about our work with Dr. Paul Hornby.


this is an article that was previously pubilshed in the Cannabis Digest. For more up to date information visit http://www.CannabisDigest.ca


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