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5. Advanced Cannabis Product Developments

By Owen Smith In the last article, I discussed Rick Simpson and <> who help spread the message of a cannabis cure for cancer, through the internet, to anybody willing to take the necessary risks. Although Rick has appeared on the scene fairly recently, and his work is a modern revelation, the technique he uses […]

4. Melanoma and Cannabis

A sister’s fight with skin cancer, and a cure the government won’t acknowledge By Owen Smith In previous articles I’ve focused on the edible and topical products at the CBC of C—how they’re made, tested & developed in the context of an unlicensed Canadian cannabis dispensary—but in this article I’m going to step back from […]

3. Product Development

Dispensaries across Canada filling the void left by the federal MMAR program By Owen Smith In the Spring edition, I discussed the advancements that the Cannabis Buyers’ Club of Canada has made over the years in developing medicinal cannabis products. It’s been our priority to provide our members with as many alternatives to smoking as […]

2. Product Testing

By Owen Smith In the last article, I touched on some of the science that we at the CBCoC have used to improve our edible and topical products. This would not have been possible without help from Dr. Paul Hornby. He is equipped with a high-tech, high-pressure liquid chromatographer. We have been able to test […]

1. Decarboxylation

Greetings Cannabis Digesters! My name is Owen, and I’ve been baking for the Cannabis Buyers’ Club of Canada for the past 18 months. Learning how to produce the 29 edible and skin products from our former bakers Gayle, Leslie, Ted, Kathleen, Colby, Ryan, Zoe, and Steve has been a valuable experience that I’ve enjoyed thoroughly. […]

Writings for the Cannabis Digest

Welcome to my personal blog. All the writings and graphic art for the Cannabis Digest are original works. I have been the graphic designer and one of the writers for the Cannabis Digest for more than 4 years. i will be publishing past articles here as well as new ones as they are completed. I […]